Poem: Climbing


I’m climbing just to climb
I know of no corporate ladders
I climb’ cause I feel like climbing
And that’s all that matters

About the poem
I took a jazz dance class when I started University. Our teacher told us that when she teaches kids she does not have to tell them to get down on the ground or to jump around. When I saw these kids climbing today it reminded me of how that felt as a kid to just climb whatever you saw when you felt like it. Why is it that adults rarely physically climb stuff? It is always fun!

I was walking on Pearl Street Mall tonight and that shiny frog with the bulbous eye is one of my favorite creatures. Especially at a time like tonight, when the place was sprinkled with cute little kids.

Poem: Carrot Ginger Juice. …NaPoWriMo

Carrot ginger juice
I could doctor it up
But what’s the use?

It comes together perfectly
Plus the name’s the recipe
Carrot, ginger, juice!

I’ve got time for this
Glass of orange bliss
Carrot Ginger juice!

About the poem:
Have you been saved? I’d like to introduce you to my religion, juicing! Haha


If he did come back
What would Jesus eat?
Would he eat sushi? bacon? meats?
Would he gorge on sweets?
Would he choose organic?
Would GMOs make him manic?
Would he shop at Whole Foods?
Would he eat fried foods?
How many donuts
In the church basement?
And what would he bring
To the potluck?
Just wondering what he’d do
Where would Jesus drive thru?

About the poem:
I just went to the final class, having completed our seven day juice fast. Fasting was actually easier than regular eating and I feel great. One reason I wanted to try fasting was that most cultures seem to use fasting for physical and spiritual purification. Jesus, Mohammed and others are said to have used fasting. The fasting was all good.

It’s the many opinions about what to do with normal eating that is puzzling. For some, a strict eating plan works best. For others, a cycle of being strict 85% of the time, then indulging occasionally works well. What I learned in the class, was the idea to add fasting to your practice when your body needs healing.

Dr. Cropley kept saying thst life us a miracle and our bodies are miracles. Given that, what diet should a spiritual leader have? What do you eat?

I’m starting a Sustainable Revolution in Longmont!

Nice little article about me and the new Sustainable Revolution group I’m starting. The article also includes details about the Wed Apr 16 meeting at Lefthand Brewing Company from 5-7pm to discuss the proposed sustainability tax for Boulder County.


You can find out more about the group at Facebook.com/SustainableRevolutionLongmont

Poem: 100-Day-Old Teacher


On day 99
The new mommy is rushing about
Shopping, cleaning and cooking
Her baby cries
She starts to feel stressed out
She picks him up
And he cutely smiles at her
And against her plans
She drops what she was doing
And smiles cutely back at him
After he nurses for awhile
He falls asleep
She does too

And this is what he has taught her
For 99 days
Smile cutely
Ask for help
Sleep when you’re tired

So when her family arrives
And his family arrives
the next day
She smiles cutely
And they smile back
She asks for help
And they give it gladly
And when she’s tired
She goes to sleep

How does her teacher feel
Now that he is
100-days old?

He smiles cutely
And everyone smiles back

About the poem:
In Korea, families have a big celebration when their baby turns 100 days old. Moms are often stressed to the max with the responsibility of preparing traditional foods, and preparing invitations and rituals, dealing with many expectations for how to treat family members. It is way way way more strict than anything I’ve seen in US families. Anyhow, none of this can hold a candle to a baby’s smile. Ha! Luckily!


Poem: Foods that Bind …getting a grip on food addiction

2013-09-25 Sugarlicious

How can I get
Out of my mind
These foods that bind

How can I get
Out of my body
These foods that rob me blind

I have won the battle
I have overcome
Every time
With the help
Of someone

About the poem:

I have now completed six days of the Dr. Cropley Seven Day Juice Fast. Actually, in the program you only need to do three days of juice only, but I have done six. So, I’m feeling very good. And because I love juice and this new alkaline broth recipe I learned, it’s been painless other than a few minutes of indecision in the grocery store!

But the big news is that I have been off coffee, dairy, and sugar for this entire time. In preparation for the fast, Dr. Cropley warns that it probably isn’t a good idea to binge on all the forbidden foods prior to the fast. Instead, he recommended trying to wean yourself off ‘the foods that bind’: sugar, caffeine, dairy and processed foods.

That phrase really hit me. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the occasional pastries, the drive-thru happy meal (don’t judge!) have/had? a power over me.

Unhealthy foods do bind us.

Twice prior I found myself 30 pounds overweight and each time it was enrolling in a program that helped me. This time, I realized I was about ready for new jeans. And when it comes to jeans, upsizing is not that great! And I was starting to have some back strain. And I realized, it’s time to ask for help.

And voila! It works. Asking for help. Submitting yourself to someone else’s system and conceding that yours isn’t working are all empowering.

Poem: Sell the House


2014-04 LG (164) Boulder Creek
Sell the house
Buy a river

Sell the house
Buy some clouds

Sell the house
Buy a mountain

Sell the house
Buy the beach

Downsize your home
Upsize your life

Sell the house

About the poem:
Yesterday was my day off, before my weekend! That really helps. I have one day to run around and do silly errands, shop, and go here and there. And time for self care. Like just sitting by the river talking to ducks and little kids, haha.

Look around your house? Is it a place of peace? Does it enable you to have time to enjoy your life? Or does it require that you work so much, that you can’t? I hear the housing market is up… :-)

Congratulations to my friends Danny and Carol who recently upsized their lives! Yahoo!

Poem: Call before midnight

2014-04-12 Holding a cell phone

Choose just one thing
That seems overwhelming
If it’s gone to this extent
It means that what you’ve learned
What you’re doing
What you’re trying
Isn’t working

Choose just one thing
And ask for help
Call before midnight
Things that are wrong in your life
Can be made right

Your life expires soon
Don’t delay
Call before midnight

Poem: Take it Back …the Sankofa Adinkra symbol is timeless wisdom

If you bought too much crap
Take it back

If you said something mean
Take it back

If you were wrong
Take it back

Then move on
With a load
Off your back

About the poem:

The symbol shown here is the Adinkra Symbol Sankofa from Adinkra.org. The meaning of the bird looking backwards is varied, depending on the source. Here’s one from Adinkra.org: Go back and get it. It means that you need to learn from history, but it requires that you go back and do something. This is timeless advice!

Yesterday, I had a few of these opportunities! I bought twice as much stuff as I’d planned and I sent out an email to 25 people with the wrong location for an upcoming meeting. In both cases, you just take it back and move on. And in both cases, people were friendly and shared the humor.

How about you this weekend? Anything you need to take back? :-)

Poem: Someone opens the door …asking for help is the first step


Suffering in silence
Locked in my own prison
When I finally call out for help
Someone opens the door
Happy to see me
And light floods in

About the poem:
Each person has their list of self-debilitating habits that crop up over time due to ignorance, conditioning, trauma or who knows why. But it’s safe to say that there are areas of our lives where we will need help. We can’t turn to the same people again and again, who may in part be creating or unaware of our difficulties. We need to find someone new to help us.

I’ve been going to some new nutrition therapists and it’s so cool. They’ve dedicated their lives to helping people, but until we ask, they are just ready and waiting for us. And then it feels so good to be in that intersection of humbling yourself and allowing them to help.

And when we ask for help, people are waiting there.

Poem: Tomorrow I might do better

2012-06-19 20.20.46

Today I did my best
But now it’s time to rest
Tomorrow I might do better
I laugh at my every mistake
I’m grateful for my day
But now it’s time to rest
As I think over my day
I see where I might need help
Tomorrow I’ll ask for help
But now it’s time to rest
Today I did my best
Tomorrow I might do better

About the poem:
Growing up, I was pretty worried about sin. And I don’t remember really every feeling okay. I was always searching for what I did wrong, which was followed by Guilt. How did you guess? Yes, I grew up Catholic.

Finding a happy resting place in reality, is based on the ability to be content with what you are right now, as well as being open to seeing where you can improve and getting the courage to ask for help. It’s a fine line, but it’s wide enough to sleep on. This is an important skill to teach our kids too!

Poem: Seven Day Fast …a Haiku


A seven day fast
Green juice, time marches slow but(t)
Occasionally runs

About the poem:
I just went to a nutrition class that teaches you how to do a seven day fast. I was thinking mostly about juicing and how great it would be. But I wasn’t really thinking about elimination. Aha that would be something to plan for!