Poem: Celestial Being…an ode to the Supermoon

I can’t get away
You’re a neon sign that says, It’s gonna be ok.
Tonight, it’s all okaaaaay.
Perfectly swirled
It’s ok in my world
A soft shining pillow to lay by head
Who needs a bed?
Stay in the park
Embraced by the dark
What do you want?
What do you hide?
There you glide
No agenda
No needs
Pull me up
Fill me up
Smooth me out
Calm me down
And seeing
Is believing
So this is
Celestial being

About the poem
This moon has got me. So damn alluring! How about you?

Poem: I See Love


You see violence
I see love broken
You hear silence
I hear love unspoken
You see a world failing
I see a world ailing
It’s not falling apart
It’s just a big broken heart
Below and above
So near, my dear, right here
When I look around
I see a gap and love can fill it
I see a wound but love can heal it
And when I look at you
I see love

About the poem:
The best thing about this photo is that when I saw it, I pointed it out two 12-year-old boys who were impressed. How did you ever see that? How did you notice?, they asked.
I dunno! I’m an admirer of clouds. And everywhere I look, I see love!

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We’ll work for Peace! …how Inner Peace and World Peace are linked #PeaceDay


The news is full of people suffering from violence around the world, as well as in our own towns and neighborhoods. It seems hopeless, but it’s not.

I recently watched the Nelson Mandela movie, Long Walk to Freedom. Two things really impressed me:
1 – He is living proof that one person really can make a difference, and
2 – This was the case even though he spent 27 years in prison.

On watching, I realized that the prison experience did not ruin his life, as most of us would expect a nearly three-decade prison sentence to do. Instead, it was critical in developing his ability to withstand pain, injustice and humiliation, and still maintain compassion. That time likely gave him the depth of character to choose peace then and as he led South Africa to overturn apartheid. But, being peaceful does not mean being passive. Mandela did not sit idly, quietly. He continued to fight for justice but even as others called for violence, he consistently chose peace.

The message here is that if we want to become powerful forces for peace in our world, we must deepen our ability to remain calm and hopeful. From that place, we can speak clearly and advocate for justice. Let’s not wish for easy lives. Instead, let’s appreciate those experiences that strengthen our ability to be unwavering in peace. Let’s learn about being peaceful, and let’s teach it.

That’s what the 29-Day Inner Peace Experience is all about! If you’ve already signed up, THANK YOU! So far, we have registrants from Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Denmark and beyond so we’re already have a world peace gathering!

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Thanks for taking time to consider world peace, with a hopeful heart. What will we do to celebrate the International Day of Peace on September 21,
2014? We’ll work for peace!

Peace hug!

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What is World Peace?

Longmont, CO – While most have discarded the idea of world peace through the notion that they have nothing to offer, Joan Gregerson urges them not to give up. In fact, Gregerson steadfastly believes that even the most average of Joes can play a vital part by first finding and maintaining inner peace. To celebrate International Day of Peace on September 21st, Gregerson is inviting all to learn how to achieve this bold inner peace through a compelling free eCourse.

The 29-Day Inner Peace Experience” is free, commences on August 24, 2014 and continues through to September 21, 2014. Participants will receive daily deliveries of poetry, quotes, short videos, journaling prompts and tips and tricks for being calm and content. Each lesson is based on one of the 29 chapters in her book, ‘Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life’.

“Let’s pull this theory of world peace apart for a moment,” says Gregerson. “While the end goal may seem too bold to fathom, it’s only the sum total of every individuals’ ability to be at peace with themselves. Once we have achieved this state we can resolve the conflicts in our own relationships and start to work together to find solutions to global conflict.”

Continuing, “Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King are examples of people that have achieved this state and urged others to master their own inner peace first. Anyone can be a peacemaker, but our culture rarely teaches the art of inner peace. That’s exactly what I am doing this year – and it’s all free!”

Participants can expect to learn how to free themselves of worry, take charge of their emotions and welcome any challenges they face with curiosity and a light heart.

Gregerson’s work and book have been celebrated among readers. For example, Eric Mahoney comments, “The author synthesizes good advice from around the world and simplifies it so that even the least “peaceful” can take away surprisingly overlooked bits of wisdom. For me, the real eye-opener was the section on anger. Thanks for this book, it is wonderful!”

Kara Woods adds, “Tuning into inner peace has helped me change my perspective and calm my nerves. I imagine it will become a reference for me that I can reach for in moments of stress or when I need some inspiration. I highly recommend this book!”

Those wanting to participate in “The 29-Day Inner Peace Experience” are urged to sign up today: http://joangregerson_0.gr8.com.

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Poem: Almost

Our two cars came careening out of little used roads
Nearly smack dab into each other
I didn’t see the car
I almost hit it

And in that next instant
I suddenly felt the aliveness
That had been there the moment before
But I almost missed it
How can I be so forgetful
To dismiss
A moment
A life
Such as this

It was whizzing by
My mind was not here
Then I paused
And I caught it
I was it
But it was close
I almost missed it

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It’s tempting to give up on the idea of World Peace. As a small child, you knew it was possible. It is. And it begins with each of us being able to maintain Inner Peace. From there, anything’s possible.

Join me to deepen your focus on peace. With 29 days of inspiration delivered to your inbox, we can together build toward the goal of creating a Culture of Peace. You’ll receive a daily nugget: a quote, journaling prompt, poetry, short video or a tip or trick to help you learn to be calm and content. Each lesson is based on a chapter in my book, “Tuning In to Inner Peace.”

The series will run from August 24 until the International Day of Peace September 21.

I was having technical challenges when I posted this link earlier. (Apparently, I followed Marie Forleo’s advice to “start small and sucky”!) Sorry for any confusion with that and thanks for your patience. I think it’s now working but if you experience any difficulties, just drop me a line at joan (at) positiveenergyworks.com

This will be fun! Shall we? And bring a friend! FREE and open to all. (Free for all!?! Sure, why not!)

The 29-Day Inner Peace Experience with Joan Gregerson

Video: About the book “Tuning In to Inner Peace”

What was your first thought today? How are you feeling right now? I lived the first 40-some years of my life stressed out, then learned a new way to live. This is why I wrote the book “Tuning In to Inner Peace: The Surprisingly Fun Way to Transform Your Life”.

Join me as I talk about the book and why I’m passionate about sharing the message that we can all learn how to be peaceful, powerful people.

Poem: I Love Summer


Morning music
Birds rapping
Flip flops flapping
Wake up sweating
These are the days
I dreamed about
All winter
I love summer

Trees packed to the gills with leaves and fruit
Gardens bursting and heavy
Green so fat it obscures my view
I love summer

Sip a tall glass of water
With ice
And a slice of lemon
Pick out a big watermelon
Slice it in half
Eat it with a spoon
Finish it off by noon
I love summer

The sun is the king
The king is the sun
Afternoon so hot
No getting something done
Just sleep somewhere cool
Sit by the pool
No need for a plan
Just let the sun make me tan
Head for the hills
Or jump in a lake
Lay down in the park
Wait for dark

At night
The day starts anew
Now anything
I can do
Ride my bike in the dark
Stroll in the park
Cook and clean
Jump on the trampoline
Go dancing
Go camping
Write a book
Write a song
Stay up late
Flop in bed
Feeling strong

I love summer

About the poem:
This past winter was hard for me. My body wasn’t really up on the whole -5F living so it took some effort to manage. But now, when it’s up to 90F and all I gotta do is sweat, scale back my to do list, and spend more time by the pool, I can handle that! I love summer! How about you?

Poem: Independence Day


To walk past
The crap-o-the-day
Nutritionless doodoo
Masquerading in colors
Of the holiday
To walk on by
To walk this way
Without stopping to buy
Without stopping to pay
That’s independence
Let freedom ring

About the poem:
I’m not sure how red, white and blue cupcakes relates to celebrating our forefathers’ determination to overthrow their unfair masters and take control of their lives. But I’ve fallen for it in the past, many a time. And every holiday, it’s different colors, same game.

I always feel better when I walk on by.



Joan Gregerson: Favors tax increase to help improve environment – Longmont Times-Call

And sometimes our writing is creative in other ways…


Poem: Just Go Home and Eat


Don’t drive through
The red and yellow
Plastic craptastic
Deep fried
Special sauce
Ain’t no path to Oz
You won’t find happy
In a Happy Meal
Is something real
Move your feet
Just go home and eat

Don’t stand in line
Rehearsing your order
Grande crappucino
Half-caff, full mental
What you hunger for
You won’t find there
You don’t need a treat
Just go home and eat

Don’t eat that sugary shit
Addictive additives
You don’t need a sweet
Just go home and eat

The food you already bought
Don’t neglect
Don’t let it rot
Slice that watermelon
Dig in
Let the juice drip down your chin

Don’t wander the aisles
Haunted, craving
Don’t be seduced
By advertising smiles
Go back to your yard
Snip a piece of chard
Pick an apple from the tree
Watch the clouds
Slow down and be

Food ain’t here
To entertain you and excite you
It’s here to sustain you
Thus delight you
Relight you,
Your eyes brighten
The weight on your shoulders

Just go home and eat

About the poem:
I have to tell myself all this every day. Every frickin day.

Yesterday, I was parked and planning to buy a coffee and sandwich. I paused and told myself nearly this entire story and then instead of going in, I left. I just went home and ate. It felt nourishing on many, many levels.

How many of our current challenges are due to our reluctance to just go home and eat? Did you know that in Colorado 2-3% of our food purchases are local and yet we export food. Huh? We can make a big change simply by choosing our food more carefully. And for the most part, that means that we buy local and just eat at home, more. It’s a huge act of care: self-care and care for the planet.



Poem: Diligence


Diligence, intelligence, brilliance
Scouring each strand of time
Burying myself alive

About the poem:
This morning I stopped on my way back from Denver near Niwot. A bull sat and a dozen horses strolled lazily, while this ladybug in this thistle was on a mission. Eating aphids? But together, the ladybug and thistle were this amazing in-sync proof of beauty.

I used to assess the day and comment on the good and bad, but didn’t take responsibility for making it so. It takes effort to accept reality fully, to feel one with all and find beauty in each moment. But it’s so worth the diligence.


Poem: Kids aren’t stupid, you know

“Kids aren’t stupid, you know,” he said.

They notice what’s happening to the earth
And they’re not impressed
With our mad skills
Of protecting jobs rather than air and water
Of being polite rather than being wise
Of being political rather than being brave
Our mad skills

Kids aren’t stupid, you know
They’re not afraid to say it’s not okay
To create pollution and toxic chemicals
To destroy nature in the pursuit of money

They’re not afraid to say it
But we are

Kids aren’t stupid, you know
They see right through our bluff
Right through our plans and rationalizing

And they’re not afraid to say so
But we are

Kids aren’t stupid, you know