Poem: To change …the courage to end a relationship or make a change will set you free

To change
To rearrange
To embrace the strange
As your own mama

To say goodbye
To say farewell
And what the hell
Who needs the trauma

There will be tears
For all those years
But clink your beers
Move through the drama

Just walk on through
What’s true is true
You’ll find it’s you
You are your mama

About the poem:

So many times we know what we need to do, but we’re waiting. We’re hoping for someone to tell us that no one will be disappointed, that no one will be mad if we do it. Well, that aint gonna happen. Listen to your own inner guide. Do what you know you need to do and bless everyone else. Following your heart will open doors for yourself and those you must leave behind.

Poem: In Need

A friend
In need
Always in need
In greed
In need
Wanting more
And more
In greed
In need
The friend
The end

About the poem:

Set high standards for friends and you’ll have good friends, indeed! Love everyone but choose your friends wisely!

I’m lucky to have some awesome friends around the world!

Poem: You Weren’t That Kind of Mom

When I popped out of you
You were so busy already
Sharing photos of me
With your friends? No
You weren’t that kind of mom

When I feel down
And scraped my knee
I didn’t climb up on your lap
You didn’t kiss my boo boo
You weren’t that kind of mom
When I started school
You said ok, go ahead
You didn’t fret
And ask how did it go
You weren’t that kind of mom

When I said I need some space
When I asked you to let me go for awhile
You didn’t hug me and smile
You didn’t say, Take your time
You weren’t that kind of mom

But time passes
And life is strange
We all have the right
To change

When you kissed me yesterday
And glowed with pride
When you were so happy
To be by my side
I was surprised
Because for so long
You weren’t that kind of mom

About the poem:
This poem is a collage of ideas from several co-writers. I hope that we as daughters and sons, moms and dads exercise and allow others the right to change.

Poem: Rainwalker

Plans and concerns

Fill my head

But come to a screeching halt

When I stop at the light

Its been raining all day

And already half the night

A backpack on his back

An old jacket to keep him warm and dry

Bent over with age

He leans onto his walker

And makes his way

Across Colfax

He laughs with friends

Seems to float on

Black streets glistening

Peaceful pause


Poem: I Didn’t Call You

I didn’t call you today
But I think you heard me anyway
I didn’t see you
But I saw your knowing eyes
I didn’t write you
But I know your replies

Dark days
Might fool you, make you doubt
Might make you think
We’re falling out

Don’t worry
It’s not the end
I’m here and
I’ll never forget you
My friend

Poem: Riding the Waves

On top of the curving crest
Falling, crashing down
Another builds
Riding the waves

About the poem:

I’m not surprised now when in a single day I feel like I hear the best news ever and on the same day, the worst. Today, possibilities and serendipitous miracles alternated with a shooting in a friend’s neighborhood. To be neither greedy nor devastated, but yet compassionate and excited. That is riding the waves.

Day 21 NaPoWriMo

Tips for Writing a Book

  1. It’s not about you. Your purpose is to serve mankind in general, but you have an idea of a set of people you can help. Focus on them.
  2. Get support. Take a class. Start a writing group. This is a team effort.
  3. Immerse yourself in the presence and books of those who have done what you aim to do. Audio books reach especially deep. This step is often overlooked, but you wouldn’t aspire to be a baseball pro by hanging out with basketweavers.
  4. Share your writing, bit by bit. Post on a blog. Read what you’ve written to another writer. This helps overcome perfectionism, and thus writers block.
  5. Get it in your schedule. Make a goal of words or chapters per week. Use the strategies that help you exercise, eat better or save money. Make a chart. Put appointments in your calendar.
  6. Learn what works for you. Make a writing grotto. That is, figure out if you write best in a coffee shop or at the kitchen table. Try the library or a late or early writing appointment. Keep trying variations until you are making consistent progress.
  7. Dont give up. Keep writing.

Poem: Superhero or Powermonger …a poem about Climate Action

In every epic supertale
In every episode
There’s that part
Where the very world itself
Is in danger

A poison
An explosion
A giant mirror
It’s always something

And who’s behind it?
The evil powermonger
The greedy one
Uses all the might
And trickery
Makes a plan
To profit from
The loss

Luckily, though,
The superheros come through
In the end
And save
The planet

This time
Every time
The superhero or the powermonger
Is us

Poem: What Excites Me

I tried to ignore
What excites me
I worked diligently
With men and computers
And spreadsheetsAnd reports
Being good at it
Is not the same

But when I start talking
About kids and art
And food and music
My voice changes
And positivity
And I can’t deny
What excites me

Universe, hook me up
Find me a space
Show me the place
Where it’s my work
That excites me

Poem: my kite soars


sand blasts my skin
waves whip the shores
my hair is in my face
but how my kite soars

About the poem:
We took a walk at McIntosh Lake today. Blustery day would be an understatement. But heck yeah, what a perfect morning for kite flying. I tried again with a young friend this afternoon and nothing. Just light gusts now and then.

How often we take a situation and deem it terrible, then realize it’s perfect …for something else. Maybe something beyond our imagination and much better.

Poem: The Designer of Fruit

I would like to meet
The designer of fruit
Don’t know what she looks like
But I bet she’s cute!
A slice of watermelon…
Perfect composition
A bowl of cherries
Ready for a pie
Gorgeous color tones
She has a good eye
A tangerine
All puckered and bumpy
What a sense of humor.
She can’t be grumpy!
Cucumbers and carrots are fine
But fruit just blows my mind
The way a banana grows in thirdsThe way mulberries attract the birds
Who did all this
I’m just so curious
How can you be so sophisticated
And yet so mysterious
Whoever you are
Your style is absolute
Hats off to you,
O, Designer of fruit

Day 11 Poem a Day, National Poetry Writing Month

Poem: Hold the Plastic

I just want food, dude.

I ordered coffee, but I got a cup.
I ordered water, but I got a straw.
Strawberries were on sale, in a plastic box with holes in it.
Yes, I want salsa with my burrito but not the silly mini-plastic bucket and lid.
How can food shopping become a trash spree!

I got it now though
So if I forget to say, “For here.”
Or have a momentary lapse
It’s undeniable
It’s so visible
Finally, so fantastic.
A tattoo on my forehead
“Hold the Plastic!”

I just want food, dude
Hold the plastic

Day 9 of a poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month