Buddha’s Birthday, Busan Plaza

In Busan Plaza tonight, people were celebrating the national holiday of Buddha’s Birthday. About 25 women were walking, with one man who was beating a drum, and one man leading the way. They were repeating a simple chant, and made a loop around the tall sculpture that was lit up with lights, and hung with lanterns.

Then, a crowd gathered around the fountain and for about 30 minutes, there were a variety of songs using the fountain, laser lights, and video screen of Busan highlights. At the end, projected colorful images of spots and creatures moving on the ground inspired the kids to chase after them.

Then a reporter from KNN (Korean Network News) stopped me and interviewed me. Omigosh, I hope that doesn’t make it to TV, as I wasn’t exactly articulate and ended with a mishmash of what was supposed to be thank you very much, “changmai kamsahamnida” but was missing a few important syllables, so was more like “changkamsida”. oops

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