Rapid transit

It’s pretty incredible to live in a place where you can actually get around easily by train and subway. It’s quick, on time, and inexpensive. A 10-minute ride is less than $1. Compare that to a $2 bus ride in Denver or Boulder.

With 50 million people in South Korea, the density of people is an obvious factor in making rapid transit cost effective. Still, it’s impressive!!! Especially when you arrive without a car and with not a lot of dough, not speaking the language, and can easily get around.

The funny thing is that there is a person with a sandwich cart, but he runs through so fast, I’ve not yet been quick enough to buy anything. First, I don’t know what’s on there. Second, I don’t know how to ask about it or figure out the price. So in the few seconds I get ready to interact, I’ve already missed him.

Another thing is that on the train, the staff pause before leaving a train car and bow to the passengers before turning and leaving…every time!

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