Eating utensils: Chopsticks and Spoon


Originally uploaded by Beginner’s Mind: South Korea

Hmmm I haven’t seen any forks here yet. So your choices are:
– Chopsticks: metal, flat and a bit slippery when you’re trying to pick up kimchi every meal
– Spoon: soup spoon size with a long narrow handle (like I’ve only seen before for a spoon you’d use to stir ice tea)

No forks in sight. Even when Kev made scrambled eggs for breakfast, we realized that we’d be eating them with spoons …which works fine.

It’s a contrast compared to Ghana, where I last traveled, where you eat most food with your hands. Here, when you order a chicken sandwich from Red & White (the fast food place), the bun is wrapped in paper half way so you barely touch the food.

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