What should I eat for breakfast?

I realized this morning that I had no clue how to order breakfast, unless I wanted donuts, waffles, muffins or other coffee shop fare. I was wandering around this morning. Several little restaurants were open but I couldn’t figure out what they’re serving. Some have photos of plates of food, as well as large photos of slabs of raw pork, another had a photo of snails, some had descriptions in English like handmade rice balls with beef.I’d eaten some things I liked, but without knowing how to spell it and what restaurants serve it, I was in over my head. I gave up and got some drinkable yogurt and a coffee/milk, on my way to training.

I observed three classes today and asked one group for a suggestion. So, at 11 am, I headed to the restaurant they suggested and ordered “Sundubu Chigae”. It was 4,000 KRW (or about $4) and it was great. They bring you a big bowl of rice with some strips of dried seaweed in the bowl on the side, and bean sprouts on the bottom under the rice. You add a scoop of spicy red sauce and mix this in. They you add in any of the sides, and some of the soup (soft tofu in a spicy red soup). So good!

For comparison, a cup of coffee and bagel at Dunkin Donuts is about the same price and nowhere as good, filling or healthy.

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