Earlier today at the train station in Seoul, I ordered a Yogurt Dessert at the Red & White (fast food place). It also came with a fork (plastic). It was iceberg lettuce, red peppers, corn, and black olives with a strawberry yogurt dressing. Dessert? Ok! It was actually really nice! I saved the plastic fork.

Tonight, I ate at the vegetarian restaurant near my hotel (also near my school). The Loving Hut salad came with a fork, no chopsticks and no spoon! I was eating before I realized how odd it was. I haven’t seen a fork before today, since I got here.

The salad was great: yellow and red bell peppers, pear, red cabbage, green cabbage, parlsey?, and some kind of vegetarian protein chicken-esque strips.

What really set the meal off though was the scent of the lemon tea that came with it. More like warm homemade lemonade, with a lemon slice, the aroma of lemon while eating the fresh salad was so refreshing and calming.

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