It was a perfect spring day today in Seoul. I took a walk and ended up on a mountain trail in Nansam Mountain Park. Think NY’s Central Park, but up a hill overlooking the city, still within walking distance of much of Seoul.

A good mile up the trail, in addition to many people casually out walking, I saw:

  • many businessmen in suits,
  • many women in high heels,
  • a woman carrying her Starbucks coffee cup,
  • competitive runners in serious running outfits,
  • an SUV that two tourists jumped out of, ran, took a photo and got back in the car,  (the SUV was on the walking path)
  • a woman who stopped to bow at the shrine to a former leader, along the side of the path
  • a man walking a tiny little dog. they stopped at an overlook. The dog waited next to him on the railing. (Don’t jump!, I wanted to say, but there were a couple levels of language barrier …Korean, and dog!)

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