Fast, healthy, afforable food

In addition to the price of food being very reasonable (meals for less than $5 usually), the service is amazing too. You order within a minute or two of when you walk in. The food comes out within five minutes, max.

And since everything comes with side dishes, you can mix and match to get the perfect flavors to your taste.

There is cold, filtered water available (either self serve or they put a pitcher on your table), and there’s no tipping.

It’s great since I don’t have a way to cook for myself, that I can easily, affordably, quickly get healthy food anywhere, anytime. (There’s the small detail that I don’t know exactly how to order it or what I’ll get it!)

One thought on “Fast, healthy, afforable food

  1. Hi Joan,

    Those are great photos! I’m enjoying learning about Korea and its culture through your fun photos.

    It’s interesting about people holding hands.

    I look forward to more!


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