Lots of people …and how to handle it?

I walked past roughly 1,000 people today in my brief three blocks through the underground shopping mall, and another 500 in the few blocks to my hotel.

It would be easy to think that it was all ‘too much’, since I’m definitely not used to that. But, I’m reminded of how someone told us that if we were going to Central America we should love beans and rice. Similarly, in a country with 50 million people (in S Korea, and another 25 million in N Korea), I decided in order to love it here, I am seeking ways to handle the crowds and be happy.

If I would have been at home, I would have done a foot soak in salt water …something I learned in my meditation class. If you believe that we are an electrical/magnetic being, it makes sense that when you’re energy gets mixed up and scattered that you want to get grounded and cleaned up.

I decided that meditating was probably a good idea, as usual. I downloaded some new meditation music and was happy to have a quiet spot to be in my motel room. Getting grounded, and connected.

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