You are here …or, I’m ready for a phone with GPS

Today, I’m trying to just walk around the area that I’ll be working and living. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so I’m trying to take my time and soak it in. (Notice the map below, which would probably be helpful, if I could read Korean!)

Factors that make it a bit tricky are

  • Multiple levels: you operate both on the street level, then also underground in the shopping mall (which has a thousand tiny stores and two parallel aisles), multiple entries and exits up and down to the street.
  • Chain stores:  there are a lot of chains with lots of locations: SK Telecom, Family Mart, Paris Baguette, Starbucks, McDonald’s, so something I think is unique, I find a block later. (It’s like saying, meet me at the Starbucks in downtown Seattle!)
  • Street names and numbers: maybe there are street names posted but often I don’t see any. Also, I’ve read that addresses indicate more when something was built rather than the location in the block, but I don’t see those either.

I can get a phone until I get my alien registration card, and I can get that after I have my health check. When I do get one, maps and gps are features that I hope to have and use!

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