School supplies

New teachers need teaching supplies, right? You can guess what the school would supply and what you’d need to supply, but you might guess wrong…

Here a new teacher gets:

  • white board markers, whenever you need some, just ask and they’ll give you five or more. Three lasted me nearly a month so this seems very generous
  • one set of student books and teacher’s guides for all classes to be taught
  • a remote control operator for the AC unit, that can be used to control the AC in any classroom
  • unlimited access to photocopier
  • access to one computer and one printer (shared by 12 teachers)
  • bedding: bottom quilt to sleep on, top quilt to put over you, and a pillow. All picked out and delivered to you by your office manager

What a new teacher needs to provide for supplies:

  • everything else (folders, paper clips, tape, liquid paper, scissors, post it notes, organizing box to hold your stuff, etc.)

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