Social Dancing Scavenger Hunt

With my work schedule now, Saturday night seems to be the one night I’m likely to have enough energy to go out, and not have to be at work at 6:50 am the next morning. So, Saturday around 6 pm I headed out trying to find a Salsa club. Koreans don’t rely on street names, the way we do in the US. Other than major roads, you won’t often see a street name posted in sight. And main roads are known as “the main road”. I had gathered bits of information from various sources on the internet.

I’d tried another day to find a Salsa club that is supposed to be very near my work, but failed. I tried another one: directions were “From Seomyeon subway station, go out exit 2 and it’s near there.” That attempt failed too.

So, I headed out to find “Sosa Club”. These directions said it was easy to find near Pusan National University. So, I rode Line 1 on the metro for about 8 stops ($1). The directions said go out exit 2, turn right and walk to the corner. Turn left and go until you see the Burger King (Buh-guh-king). I walked all the way up the street until it ended at Pusan National University. It was a warm evening …felt like a perfect Colorado summer evening. And dozens of college guys were playing basketball on what looked like perfectly smooth outdoor courts, under the lights. On the edge of the city, I was able to see one star! So much for starry nights, but it was lovely there.

I headed back down the hill and tried to figure out who to ask where the Burger King was. In Seomyeon, where I live, usually people don’t speak enough English to have that conversation successfully. I tried the Starbucks and found that both young women there spoke plenty of English and knew where the BK used to be, and where the club was.

So, I walked a block further and found it (the sign in English helped!) There I found that Saturday is now Swing night, and Wednesday is Salsa. There were about 30 people there, and I was the only foreigner there, and was relieved.

The place is nice, clean, and is about dancing (rather than drinking). People were friendly and I had nice chats with five or six men and women, and danced a few times. The owner, who is about 30-something and goes by the name of Bocuccio,  appears to make a point of dancing with those of us that are new and wallflowers!

It was so fun! The people there were mostly, really good dancers and seemed to have a great time. There were a couple line dances too, including one to Michael Jackson’s Beat It!

One of the young women invited me to come there next Saturday when the normal Swing night will not be happening, because instead everyone will be watching Korea play in the World Cup!

On my way home, I tried to follow the map that one of the guys drew for me to find the Salsa club in Seomyeon, but again, didn’t succeed. Oh well, I’m pretty psyched to have found Sosa and hope to be back there soon.

One thought on “Social Dancing Scavenger Hunt

  1. Hi Joan,
    Wondering if you have been back to the clubs for dancing and whether you ever found the other place mentioned in this post.
    Thinking of you!

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