Double ss, Double jj…makes a difference in your order

I’m learning the Korean alphabet and feel like I’m getting pretty good understanding the consonants. One thing I realized recently tho was that the script versions are pretty different than what appears in printed materials. Or, at least that’s what I blame this on partially…

I knew that ‘ssam’ was lettuce. So, when I went into a mom and pop eatery near my apartment, and saw the symbols for ‘ss’ (i thought), i pointed to the menu and ordered that. I had lettuce wraps in Daejeon that were amazing and wanted to try them again.

So, when they brought out squid/seafood soup, I was surprised! But, this is the restaurant near home, and I definitely don’t want to ‘dis anyone in my new ‘hood, so I decided, what the heck. I ate it and it was temperature hot, very spice, had large pieces of squid and smaller pieces of other types of seafood.

It turns out the I wanted to order po-ssam, but instead ordered jjampong (a Chinese-Korean food). In Korean, an s looks like an upside down V, and a j looks similar but one arm connects midway to the other …kinda sorta.

But people who I told this to, said immediately, oh you were in a Chinese restaurant. I guess this would be a clueless person thinking they were ordering lasagna in a mexican restaurant.

Still, even with the lottery version of ordering, so far every Korean food dish I’ve had has been fabulous and I’d order it again (if I am able to!)

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