Being a(n internet signal) seeker

It was less than two days after I boasted about how easy life is in Korea, where you have free, reliable, fast internet access, that it ceased to be that for me.

Since I checked out of the love motel and into my fancy apartment, I haven’t had internet access. I can’t order it until I get my registration card, so now I’m a seeker…continually seeking internet access.

Work: There is wi-fi at work, but there was no outlet within reach. I bought an extension cord and duct taped it down, and now my coworkers in that area and I can plug our laptops in. Cool, but not very private for making skype calls or doing photo/blog. The building is only open during class hours, so during that time it’s usually busy and after that time, it’s closed. Saturdays from 10 – 2 seems to be a good time for me to chill there, when others are teaching, so the building is open.

Coffee shops:

Many coffee shops have free wi-fi but no electrical outlets. My dog of a computer, with the funky electrical connection (they have 220 in outlets in Korea), has a battery life of 0.3 seconds so power is a must.

Starbucks: I was surprised to see that they offer free wi-fi. I bought a $3 cup of coffee, sat down and then realized that I need my foreign registration number and digital true name verification to sign on.

Holly Coffee Shop: This one I like and has nice reliable service, just across the street from work. Except for the day, I bought my $3 coffee and only then realized I didn’t have my electrical connector so couldn’t plug in. Or the day that I bought my coffee, then found that my cord kept falling out of the outlet at the only available place.

Krispy Kreme: In the mall area of Lotto, their service is so slow! I was able to upload three photos in 30 minutes, while drinking my $4 green tea latte.

Internet Cafes

There are tons of PC bangs (bang = room), or internet cafes, around. You can see one on every block…look for the big “PC” sign. These places are geared for those who love playing PC games. I tried the one by my apartment. It was a dark space on the 2nd floor, filled with smoke and grown men playing PC games. Posters of war games, and adventure anime characters and game advertisements covered the entrance, the door and the walls.

Oh how I miss the love motel and the free internet. 😦

One thought on “Being a(n internet signal) seeker

  1. 1. Go back to the love motel. That sounds nice. Lots of love.

    2. Come back to Boulder. Yes. That also sounds good. For me, at least.

    3. They seriously have Krispy Kreme? We don’t even have that in CO, do we- I thought you have to go to North Carolina to get that!!! Woah. Enjoy the doughnut, forget the internet.

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