Grammar beginner

How do you describe when to use “I have eaten”, rather than “I ate”? These are things I know how to do automatically, but now have the honor of teaching.

I figured out that curling up with the teacher’s resource guides and reviewing the days lessons for both my Level 2 and Level 3 classes, is key to being calm enough to teach the material well.

Our method emphasizes student-led discovery, where the students try the vocabulary and grammar, and it’s more likely at the end of the class that the teacher summarizes the rules or definitions, by eliciting the information from (rather than telling) the students.

It’s pretty cool, but ya gotta know your stuff. My goal is to know it, even if that means doing so at midnight before the next morning’s class. Maybe it’s a good thing that the building closes at 10 pm and doesn’t open until 6:30 am.

So on days that I teach until 9:50 pm, and have a Level 2 class at 6:50 am and a Level 3 class at 7:30 am, this is a challenge! But hey, I’ve been getting that afternoon nap religiously, so it’s not too bad.

(Just, maybe don’t ask me my opinion at 5 am!)

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