I am not this body, these thoughts or this day

I am not this body, these thoughts or this day

This simple line that I learned in my Sahaja Meditation class has been a sanity-saver. I believe that most of the angst associated with ‘culture shock’ is tied to our expectations, and in our reactions to people and situations.

When  I can remember to sit quietly and meditate for a few minutes, it puts peace within reach …puts me at peace within, and feeling at peace with whatever is happening around me.

I am not this body. I am not these thoughts. I am not this ego. I am not this past. I am not these conditionings. I am not this day. I am not this project. I am not this job…

…Reminds me that the real me is something bigger, and is in union with the real, deeper, absolute spirit of everyone and everything else. So, there’s really nothing worth worrying about. My daily, moment-by-moment challenge, is to choose either to trust and act accordingly, or to fear. I can’t do both …I gotta pick a team. These words remind me to choose the first option.

It’s like when I’m sitting in the theatre and caught up in the movie. It’s not until my friend nudges me to pass the Red Vines,  that I realize I’m not actually dodging bullets, crossing the rickety planks over the pit of snakes, as I desperately try to find the exit in the smoke-filled warehouse. Even though my heart is racing and my palms are sweaty, actually, I’m snuggled in a cool, comfy spot, safe and sound.

Being able to shift out of the fast-paced frantic movie, to enjoying and savoring the show, is what these words help connect me to.  Sitting down quietly, I can take a deep, relaxing breath and gently chuckle.

It’s a good starting point for the day.

Unbelievable, by day’s  end, I’ve usually forgotten the big picture, and am ready for another reminder.

One thought on “I am not this body, these thoughts or this day

  1. really great stuff, sis–i go with all that—i like the movie thing–would Buddhism even say that this is just a mad movie i’ve chosen to be in (and act as if it’s coming from outside of me)–when really there’s just the one of us: pretending to be a million characters—-so there really is nothing worth worrying about!!!!

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