Heading off for a Temple Stay at Beomosa Temple

A  coworker and I are meeting at the Beomosa subway station today at noon, to be at the Beomosa Temple by 1 pm. There we start our overnight temple stay. This is the same temple we hiked to a few weeks ago.

‘Temple stay’ is a way for English-speaking visitors to experience a day of monastic life in a traditional Buddhist temple. Beomosa’s history begins about 1300 years ago. Most Buddhist temple structures are made of natural materials, so are built and rebuilt at the same site over the years.

We’ll be in bed at 9 pm, and up at 3 am tomorrow.

Our schedule is:

Time First Day Second Day
03:00~03:30 Wake up & Wash

(in Silence)

03:30~04:00 Dawn Service(in Silence)
04:00~05:30 Seon Mediation

(in Silence)

06:00~07:30 Breakfast-TBM

& Clean Bowls

07:30~09:00 Tour to a Hermitage
09:00~10:00 Dharma Talk
10:00~10:40 Community Work & Survey
10:40~ Closing Ceremony
13:00~13:30 Registration & Orientation
13:30~15:00 Temple Manners

& Opening Ceremony

15:00~16:20 Temple Tour

& Self- Introduction

16:30~17:30 Learn Traditional Buddhist Meal
17:30~18:20 Dinner-TBM
18:30~19:00 Evening Service
19:00~20:30 Make 108 Prayer’s Beads
20:30~21:00 Ready for Sleep
21:00~ Sleep

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