World Cup hopes dashed. Uruguay 2: S Korea 1

Most people I know here scheduled their day to be able to watch the 11 pm World Cup match tonight between South Korea and Uruguay. Making it to the Final 16 was a big achievement for S Korea, so there weren’t many that expected Korea to win tonight. But most hoped they would.

Out walking tonight, every bar and restaurant was packed with red tshirts, red glowing horns and people faced watching the game on TV. Every few blocks, crowds formed watching the game on large outdoor screens. Of the few people not sitting somewhere, most were watching on a hand-held phone as they walked hurriedly, likely to get somewhere else to watch the rest of the game.

I watched a good part of the first half on the outdoor screen near Lotte department store. People sat on mats on the ground, with the remains of their dinner and bottles of beer. The rain paused and started, with umbrellas going down and up every 5-10 minutes. Others sat on the wall by the sidewalk across the street, taking some shelter from the rain under the trees. One couple sat under the popped back hatch of a minivan, parked strategically on the street. At halftime, the score was Uruguay 1 : S Korea 0.

I walked home and watched the rest of the game there. At one point, I’d turned the channel to see what else was on and heard loud cheers coming through my open windows. I don’t really understand where the noise is coming from …I’m on the 22nd floor so not sure if it’s from adjoining apts, or those across the way, or echoing up from the street (or all three). Korea tied the game 1:1. But by the end of the game, Uruguay scored again making it 2:1 and ending S Korea’s chances for any further advance.

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