Tough choices, compromises …time management

I underestimated how tough it would be to function here.

I thought of myself as a savvy traveler, adept language learner, with a positive mindset. But I realize now that I’ve never tried this combination before:

  • working fulltime, at a career I’ve never worked at fulltime
  • can’t read the language
  • can’t speak the language
  • don’t understand the food
  • working a split shift
  • little time to address these problems

As a result, I have to compromise in areas I don’t feel comfortable compromising in.

On regular weekdays, I am teaching at 6:50 am so I get up at 5:30 and leave around 6:15. I teach until 1 pm, again from 8 pm to 10 pm. On my break, I get in a meal or two, walk home and back, and sleep. I also do some lesson planning. That leaves about 40 minutes on most days for ‘free time’.

Should I check my email, try to write something on my blog or upload photos, study Korean language, figure out how to function in my neighborhood, go on a walk?

I don’t like the feeling of not being able to communicate, and not having time to learn. And at the same time being barely prepared for my classes. Just-in-time class prep isn’t a comfortable pace, but I just have to accept it and do my best within the set parameters.

2 thoughts on “Tough choices, compromises …time management

  1. A familiar quandary! Sounds like you could do some combos — glance down at a couple flashcards while going for a walk down new streets in your neighborhood for instance.

    Maybe one of your students would give you one Korean word or phrase a day after class. It’d really add up quick I bet.

    Miss you!

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