Shoe fettish

Here in Korea, and maybe especially in Seomyeon (the area where I work), women shoes are amazing! My students tell me that it’s the best place to get handmade, high quality shoes, cheap!

In order to share this with you, and at the risk of coming off as a total freak, I spent about 20 minutes in the underground shopping mall one day photographing shoes in the stores and on women’s feet! Though some of Korean style is very conservative, this shows the flashy, sexy side that many women choose.

The funny part of being a ‘foreigner’, as we’re known here, is that you’re kinda expected to be weird, so no one seemed to react when I was taking these photos.

Take a walk with me: strappy, flashy, leopard, colorful, you name it! (When you see prices, it’s about 1,000 won to US$1. So,  a price of 29,000 = $29). Click on the photo and see the slideshow.

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