Korean students

My students are great. By teaching adults, the whole issue of discipline and classroom management disappears. Instead, I get to hang out with and listen to conversations about the lives of my students, which include:

  • a 70-year old who participates in our discussion class, then has a Chinese class afterwards
  • a 50-year old English teacher, who stays for Japanese class after my class, then teaches high school
  • many 20-something’s that have graduated university but have no job at the moment
  • a couple women who are preparing to interview as flight attends for Qatar Airways
  • a businessman who is preparing for conference travel in the US
  • a 30-year old who wants to attend automotive tech school in Australia
  • university students who are working to improve their English to be able to qualify for a job after graduation (by achieving a good score on the ‘TOEIC exam’): majoring in math, engineering, hotel management, interior design
  • a recently married shy 25 year old who is a university graduate but doesn’t work outside the home
  • an 18-year old preparing for her university entrance exam, who is taking her summer vacation to study instead of going to Thailand, as her mom suggested
  • many who say they want to learn English to make friends with ‘foreigners’ and learn about other cultures
  • a middle school teacher who wants to eventually live in the US near family in Alabama
  • several businessmen who come for business skills, but also for the freedom of expression that our conversation classes provide
  • nurses who work in hospitals and clinics that want to be able to help foreigners who come in to their facilities who can’t communicate well
  • a couple women who say they want to have an ‘international marriage’, that is to marry a non-Korean. when I suggest that it could be difficult to maintain a cross-cultural marriage, they say it would be difficult to marry a Korean man, given the strict traditional beliefs.

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