Sit on the grass

I’d never thought of the ability to sit on the grass as a luxury. Until I lived here.

I keep thinking maybe I’m overlooking something. But really, there’s no place to sit on the grass. You can sit on the beach, you can walk into almost any restaurant and immediately be seated and served, you can sit at the subway station or train station. You can sit by the creek on a bench or on the hard ground (bring a mat!), but you can’t sit on the grass.

They have been doing construction on the walkways near my apartment. In the last week, they brought in a few pallets of sod. They placed the sod on the sloped landscaped areas in the medians or pedestrian areas, between the turn lane and the main road. The sod is now down and tho it’s at a 45 degree angle in the middle of a large road, I still have the urge to sit there. But, I’ll keep looking for a better spot!

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