Beach Season …now the crowds are out at Haeundae Beach

Now, it’s officially beach season. Which means that last week, it was too early to come to the beach but today was just right. They say that at the peak, there are 1,000,000 people here at the beach. Today, it was probably several hundred thousand.

Lifeguards patrol the line of buoys to keep people in water that does not reach chest height, even when most small waves pass. There was really no way to swim today. Other days the waves were a bit bigger and the crowds less, so we body surfed. Today body surfing might have a definition that includes moving about the crowds.

The water is starting to suffer from the crowds too. Normally, the water feels pretty clean. But today, floating lighters, plastic bottles, and trash were common. Our most entertaining moments though were from floating jellyfish that we played with. No stingers, just round blobs that you can pick up!

We made friends with some guys from Indonesia that are coworkers. They work in Busan in a factory making car parts for Haeundae and Daewoo automobiles.

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