McD drives up to you

There are no drive-thru restaurants (that I’ve seen anyway) in Korea. Instead, there is a deep delivery culture. You can order just about anything and have it delivered to you, and that included McDonalds.

I’ve been wanting to try calling to have food delivered to my apartment but wasn’t sure if they’d understand me when I said my building name (The O Ville Apartments …pronounced duh o bill aparto), my apartment number 2208 (i choen, i baek, pahl oh), and wasn’t sure what to order. So when I saw the McD delivery guy by the elevator I used sign language. And said, me, and pointed to his delivery bag. He spoke English and said to call the number emblazoned on his shirt and he was sure there was an English operator. So, I called. And the operator did not speak English. But about 40 minutes later, a different McD driver arrived (via motorcycle) with my order: two bulgogi sets (or combo meals). The food was crap compared to Korean food, but it’s a step in getting to be able to order Korean food at home.

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