Taejongdae Park

Today I headed out in the heat of the day, at 3 pm, and met a friend/student. We took the subway and bus to Taejongdae Park. (About an hour traveling, $1.50).

From there we took a ferry ride (10,000 won, $9) out and around a bit, then got off at the lighthouse. Ladies prepare fresh fish and serve raw fish to visitors at ‘restaurants’ on the rocks…red and blue canvas tarps stretched over rugs.

We skipped eating but instead walked back for a couple hours along the trails, savoring the sea breeze, and shady paths.

For dinner, we went to Nampodong and had Ssamkipsal …grill pork strips and garlic at your table and eat as lettuce wraps with greens and sauces. Yummy. Then, we went for coffee on the second floor as we looked out to the street for people watching. Nampodong reminds me of Pearl St mall or Santa Monica …that kind of cool, trendy area to hang out.

My Korean friend helped me learning some Korean phrases. Our main study material was a paper menu with dozens of items. I’d cut it up into small pieces and she helped me read and understand what it all was. Really fabulously fun and helpful!

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