Mosque and Turkish Food in Dusil

Today, I met up with some Indonesian friends that we met at Haeundae Beach.  They invited us to join them at the free Korean language classes they attend. I took a 30 minute subway ride and met them at the Dusil station. (pronounced Du-shil ….”si” in Korean is always “shi”)

I was a bit surprised to find out that the free classes were held at a mosque! But, the classes are open to anyone and teacher is really good. She speaks only Korean so it’s like how we teach. Only problem was, the class was too advanced for me. Most of the students are Indonesian and have been in Korea for a year or two. They’re studying to take the TOPIK entrance exam to enter Korean universities this fall or next spring.

So we didn’t stay too long, but attached to the mosque is a Turkish restaurant. That was quite a find! The aroma in their was amazing. We enjoyed Lavash bread, Turkish coffee and fruit tea. Oh, I wanna go back there for more!

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