Really? No vacation! Incredible!

I spent some time and made some efforts to get an official ruling on if my contract really could be interpreted that I don’t get to choose 8-10 days of paid vacation.

I went back and forth with my supervisor. A coworker consulted with a labor attorney. I made an inquiry with ATEK but received no response.

The concensus was that we basically were out of luck.  We understand vacation to mean that we get to choose the dates, and that in a month with vacation, we would work fewer than 20 days.

But in Korea, and with YBM in particular, none of that is true for “Session Vacation” days.

For example, in October we get no Session Vacation days. In November November 19 (Fri) and November 30 (Tue) are our ‘vacation’ days.

If you want to take off an entire week sometime, the management suggest you plan far in advance and take the entire month off (without pay!) and possibly without a job to return to.

Hmmmm very disappointing.

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