Throwing in the towel

I decided to give my two months notice today. In our contract, we’re only required to give 30 days notice, but for a lot of reasons, two months is better. There are many aspects that are negotiable and giving the school more time to find a replacement, means they are more likely to be generous in their dealings with me (about my apartment contract, repayment of airfare, etc.)

Many reasons. Foremost is physical and mental health. Teaching and being with the students is magical, really! But the schedule is really exhausting and frantic. Add that to being in a country where you don’t speak the language, and where people are often very busy, stressed and/or a little more distant, it’s just hard.

I’ve started having some physical problems and think my body is voicing its opinion. So I’m listening.  I’d hoped to make it 12 months, ending June 1. Dec 29th will be my last teaching day here, completing 7 months.

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