Making Kimbap and Dakboki

Today we took the subway to my friend Ae Soon’s house. We made kimbap (california rolls …Korean style) and dakboki (hard to describe …bbq sauce on chewy rice cakes). Ade knew how to make these already because he worked in a Korean restaurant in Indonesia. Ae Soon’s son hadn’t ever made it before. So he and I both made kimbap for our first time today. Very cool!

To make kimbap:

(click this picture to see more detailed photos)

You put a piece of seaweed on the kimbap or sushi mat (kimbal), and cover 2/3 of it with seasoned rice (rice with crushed sesame seeds and salt). You can put anything you want in kimbap but today we used yellow Daikon radish, egg (think egg omelette strips), oadeng (dried fish cake), imitation crab, sausage (we’d call it hot dog), cucumber, and spinach. Roll it up tightly, pausing at the last bit to moisten the end of the seaweed so it will adhere to the rest of the roll. Brush it with sesame oil to keep it moist and flavorful. Cut it into 1/2″ slices or so, and sprinkle crushed sesame seeds and eat!

…or you can buy a roll of these for about $1 from any 7-11, convenience store, mom and pop diner, or groc store, if you’re too lazy to make them or if you don’t live in Korea. ha ha

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