December Teaching Schedule

Ah yes, the chaos continues! It’s my last month here so I thought maybe I would be able to handle this easier. But no.

I’m not teaching on Saturdays this month, so my weekday schedule is packed. We are under contract to teach 30 hours per week. 

In the morning, I teach five DIFFERENT classes, and sometimes a 1-1 class in addition. And, two of the morning classes, I’ve never taught before: Writing and Listening. Plus, I’ve taught Intermediate Reading before. This time, it’s beginners. Wow! Okay, I can do this. I can get as organized as possible, but mostly my goal is to be peaceful and joyful, and looking forward to the class.

  • 6:50 am M-F Level 1
  • 7:50 am T,Th 1-1 Student
  • 9 am M-F Reading Beginner
  • 10 am M-F Level 3 Conversation
  • 11 am M-F Writing Beginner
  • 12 noon M-F Listening Beginner
  • 7 pm M-F Level 3 Conversation

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