Learning Spanish in Korea

One thing I’ve absorbed from my students is the love of learning a language. Lately, I’ve been watching the Destinos spanish videos online. I’m perfectly happy to watch an episode and even sometimes do the practice.

When my students used to say they were going to study English in their free time, I guess I pitied them. How fun could that be??!!

But now, I get it. (Or have been brainwashed.) Either way, I love studying Spanish. And I learned at the conference, that listening is often the thing students need most. It’s the way we learn what ‘sounds right’. This series has 56 half-hour episodes, so it’s really great. I can pause and look up a word, or turn on the captions when I need to. I have the discipline to study now, maybe because it’s the video, but also because of the Korean study-machine culture!

But yesterday, when I passed a couple of the elderly men I regularly greet, I accidentally said “Buenos Dias”. But I did the standard head bow, so I don’t think they noticed.

When I mentioned it to my friend at work, he reminded me that maybe I’m not exactly in the moment!!! If I’m in Korea, using Spanish, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. oops

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