Are there singing rooms in the US?

Do we have singing rooms in the US? (Called Norae-bangs …norae – singing, bang /bong/ = room) This isn’t karaoke at a bar, it’s different. Friends get together and you pay for a singing room by the hour. You pay anywherefrom $10 to $30, depending on the size of the group and they usually give you two hours for the price of one hour. Then you hang out on cushioned seats or on the floor, you have tambourines, maybe stuffed animals or hats, a couple microphones, and a huge TV. You have books you can look thru for songs in Korean, English, Japanese, Indonesian, etc or you can use the computer and search by singer or song name. It’s ridiculously fun. Whether people are good singers or bad singers, it’s all fabulous!

Last night there were about ten of us to start with, singing everything from Spice Girls, Norah Jones, Beatles, Bon Jovi, Steppenwolf and lots of Korean and Indonesian songs. So great. This is my next business idea for the US…maybe

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