Wonderful Amazing Korean Food

When you’re sick, there are so many wonderful, nutritious Korean foods to choose from. I’m in love with Korean Food (Korean food, saranhayeo!)

Wednesday morning on my hour break, I went into a little 24-hr Korean food place (think ‘diner’ Korean-style). I ordered 만두국 (mandu kuk), dumpling soup. (click link for photos)

Later, I picked up chicken salad cranberry croissant sandwiches from Paris Baguette. That and sweet bread filled with red bean paste and cream.

For lunch, I made myself a banana sandwich …a treat we learned from our old friend Ron in Australia.

For dinner on Thursday, I stopped at another favorite diner. On my way to teach my evening class, I had kimchi chigae. Now, like most Koreans, I think kimchi has some magical healing properties. It’s a vegetable (cabbage), fermented, with spicy red peppers…why wouldn’t it be magical! ha ha

Kimchi chigae (김치 찌개) is a stew served boiling, with kimchi, pork, green peppers, onions in a rich broth. Eat it with the side of rice, plus more kimchi and other side dishes. For 3500 won (about $3), it’s good, quick, very wonderful.

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