Quiet Christmas Eve

Pretty funny going out to dinner when you can only whisper. Most people who know me would agree that if anything, I talk too much! So, only being able to whisper a little really cramped my style!  We laughed a lot.

My friend had wanted to take me to a fancy place in Haeundae but I wasn’t up to it. So, we ate at another traditional Korean food place in Seomyeon.  Here we had some kind of kimchi bap dish. So, again it’s kimchi, but in this dish the rice is already in the broth. It’s served boiling in individual hot pots.  In this case, they give you a small bowl to spoon out bites out so you can cool it down enough to eat it. So hot, nutritious, delicious! Yummy.

It was so cold! About 20F and windy! We enjoyed our dinner, briskly walked past the Christmas displays at Lotte Department store, and then I rode the subway back home.  I found out how to operate my floor heat, so my apartment is warm and cozy!

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