Visiting the doctor

Here, people don’t usually go to a general family doctor. They go to a specialist. So, today, I crossed the street and went into On Hospital. I asked to see an Ear Nose & Throat specialist. After about a 15-minute wait, they called my name. I went in and the doctor used a scope to examine my throat. Have you ever seen your vocal cords?  I got to and he said I had a condition called blahblahblah. What’s that? Your voice has changed. Right. That was my original complaint ….I lost my voice!

I also got to see inside my ears. Gross! Earwax, hair and ear canal.

I thought I was going to see inside my nose too but instead he suddenly started ‘irrigating’? my nose? Like at the dentist, when they spray water and suck it out at the same time. Wow, that was startling, and possibly refreshing! I could breathe clearly for awhile.

He said he was going to give me a prescription. Bye!  Oh, what type of medicine, I asked? Oh, it’s safe, he answered. Uhh, I mean, like what is the medicine? Oh, you know, anti ….   Antibiotics? I asked.  Yes, and analgesics and other things that will make you feel better. Oh, okay.

I paid $7 for the visit and $5 for the medicine (which has a list of seven items …unknown to me what they actually are.) And I hate to report, but you do feel better instantly when the doc gives you meds.

So, three times a day, I take an assortment of 5-6 pills, gargle with something else, and drink a liquid pouch of something else too.

Yeah! I tried to be a conscientious consumer, but I can’t even read the directions on the Tylenol package, so trust is all I got left.

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