Job in Jeju

So, I began checking the main sites that advertise jobs for English teachers around the world: Dave’s ESL Cafe and ESL Employment.

And I noticed an appealing job on Jeju Island. I like positions that request someone with CELTA training, as this did. CELTA is a rigorous one-month training that amazingly teaches you a lot about how to use a communicative approach for teaching English. I took my CELTA training at Bridge-Linguatec in Denver. It was really difficult, but I learned so so so much.

I applied on February 6th and was offered the job and I signed the contract on February 28th, for a June 1 start date.

Most people who’d talked to me since I’d come back from Korea were surprised, to say the least!

But, I think this has enough important differences that I can thrive, not just survive, in this situation:

– Better schedule: roughly noon to 8pm, M-F only (no weekends)

– Fewer teaching hours: 25 hours (instead of the 30 hours I taught last year)

– Better environment: Jeju is known for it’s natural beauty

– Lower population density: It’s less than one-tenth as dense as Busan.

– Housing: includes an apartment, located within 10 minutes walk to the beach

– Teaching kids: this will be a challenge but maybe the more physical aspect will counter the physical isolation I felt last time around

Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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