Dying Easter Eggs with students in Denver

It’s been really fun teaching my Saudi students in Denver. It’s my first chance to get to know so many people from this part of the world.

With Easter coming up, I’ve been trying to include lessons about spring and the many symbols of easter: blooming flowers, bunnies, chicks.

But I didn’t expect that I would have to explain what the season of Spring is. Or that I would do it so poorly. After several discussions, I’ve determined that there really isn’t such a thing as Spring in Saudi Arabia. I guess that makes sense!

Anyhow, we had a great time dying Easter Eggs and then doing an Easter Egg hunt in the halls.

All these students are Muslims. But some of them visit churches with their homestay family. I like how open-minded and respectful students are about each other’s cultures and religions.

When we all forget that we are studying English, I think we are doing a good job of teaching it.

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