Softer landing

This time when I arrived in Seoul, I already had some Korean money on me. I knew that I could go to the information desk and they would call the hotel for me. I knew there would be free wi-fi in the airport and none at all at the hotel. Their shuttle would pick me up and I wouldn’t need to tip the driver. Really!

I knew I could grab some water, coffee, triangle kimbap, banana, potato chips and/or mocchachino milk in the Family Mart for a late evening snack. I knew there would be slippers to use for the bathroom and that the light switch would be outside the door, not in the bathroom.

I know that I’ll have to wrestle my bags onto the train that goes from the international airport to the domestic airport. No one is going to help me. There’s no one even to pay to help you. But, the good thing is that no one is going to steal them either, so it’s okay to leave them for a bit.

Last year when I arrived, I had no Korean money, didn’t know how to get it, where to eat or what to order. I had no water and didn’t know if I could drink the water in the room. I went to bed hungry, thirsty, tired and very humble.

This time, I’m feeling a bit better, but still very humble.

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