Jeju Teaching Schedule

Island life is nicer than city life, but the pace is still very much the incredibly fast-pace of ‘Korea’. I teach five 60-minute classes a day, so am planning for ten new classes. We have 5-minute ‘breaks’ between classes and a 20-minute break at 6 pm.

This probably isn’t too different from what U.S. elementary & middle school teachers handle. But it’s a lot tighter than my previous job teaching adults in Denver with 10 minute breaks between classes and a 50-minute lunch break at 12:30 pm. And maybe elementary / middle school teachers would have a few weeks or the summer to prepare.

The nicest thing is not having to be up at the (butt-)crack of dawn! I can stay up til midnight watching Korean TV, writing, or catching up with people who are just starting their (previous) day.

I can wear jeans to work every day. I walk up to school (25 minutes) or catch the bus at my corner ($1, runs every 10-15 minutes) then walk the last 10 minutes.

My schedule is pretty manageable:

MWF Arrive at 1120 am, Teach 1:45-7:20 pm

T-Th Arrive at 1220 am, Teach 2:45 – 8:25 pm

No Saturdays!

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