A new landscape ‘painting’ every day

It’s so dynamic living by the ocean. At times, I’ve lived so removed from nature, that I’m still amazed that it is still so strong, willful and beautiful.
This week, I’ve been treated to landscape paintings::

  • Blue skies with a shining white passenger cruise ship floating on a green sea.
  • Mixed sun and cloudy day, a perfect for the boys on their bicycles, who peer over the dock wall at fish in the clear seaweed laced waters.
  • Rainy blustery skies whose grey melts into the sea, so you can’t tell where one starts and the other stops. You know that time is passing only from the bright yellow jacket of an ajuuma (elderly lady …like me) scurrying by .
  • Foggy morning where the familiar shape of the shoreline’s black volcanic rocks are the only hint that the sea is nearby
  • Still warm nights, perfect for evening strolls. A man stands at the bottom of the steps near the stone walkway. He cajoles his daughter, come down. She sits, solid as the stones, on the top step not budging. Arms out, pick me up!
  • Walking home from school, almost needing that forgotten jacket, the sky is clear. Along the horizon four stops of bright white light are shining. Fishing trawlers that had been faint dots on the horizon two days ago are suddenly hovering near the coast.

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