Flipping through the channels

Last year, I think I turned the TV on a handful of times and watched a bit of a music show here and there. But in the past few months, I’ve gained a new respect for the power of watching and listening as a way to learn a new language. So I was glad to have a TV in my temp and permanent apartments here on Jeju.

I took a cruise through the TV channels and captured some images to share with you!

Did you know there is a Buddhist and a Christian channel? Shopping channels. Lots of dramas. Korean and Japanese anime. Programs teaching English. Dancing with the Stars Korea. I’ve seen both priests and monks teaching math on a green chalk board. Lots of pop and more traditional singing. Lots of baseball. Talk shows. Game shows. Something where people are sitting in bathrobes maybe in a Jinjilbang, …between a talk show and game show.

Take a look for yourself…

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