Classroom Management: 1st Grade Girls and Boys

In my younger classes, there’s such a marked difference between the girls and boys’ behavior. It’s actually funny.

Girls in my class really can sit and they do well with a little bit of activity. They can sing a song, clap, turn around, do hand motions, then just sit down and work. The boys, on the other hand, just can’t! You’re asking for trouble if you start the class with a song that has much motion if you have boys in the class.

I made the mistake of doing London Bridge with them one day. The girls loved it. The boys were diving under the ‘bridge’, crashing into the ‘bridge’ holders, refusing to hold hands with anyone.

So, when we went to a performance at the Jeju Arts Center, I was struck by a similar scene.

There were six women on stage in flowing dresses moving gently, twirling and swooping sweetly to and fro. In contrast, there were four male performers. The guys were bare chested mostly, with frilly shoulder things and some straps across front and back of chest. One or two at a time, they would come out on stage, doing back handsprings and flips. Then they would show up with swords or nunchuks (two sticks connected by a chain) and be moving them about wildly and noisily.

Ahhh… this reminds me of my first MWF class!

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