I wanna remember your name!

I’m glad that at our school kids go by their Korean names. I thought it was strange last year to call people David, Charlie, and Julie when their real names are so different.

But wow is it hard for me to remember all my students’ names! I used to pride myself on remembering everyone’s names (and would amaze my students by doing it the first class!) but it’s difficult this time.

I teach ten classes and a total of about 70 students. Korean names are usually three syllables with the first being the surname. So in class, they go by their ‘first name’ which is the second two syllables. Many names are just one letter or one sound away from another, or a reverse of another name (think Ann-Marie, Mary-Ann, Jo-Ann, Joan, Mary, Terry, Kari …we’re used to these!)

Here are some examples of student names:

Girls: EunYoung, EunJung, YoungRun,  JiYoung,  EunJin, YeJin, YeWon, EunBi, YuBin, YuSeon, EunSeo, Garam, Geon, Yeseo, Seoyeon, Minseo, Minsun, ChaeEun, SuBin, YunJu, YeonJi

Boys: SungHo, SeongHwan, GyungGil, HyunSeok, HyungGil, JaeHoon, JaeWon, JuHong, HanJang, JiWoo, WooGeun, KyeongWook, TaeYoung, HyukJae, JaeHyuk, HyunMin, HanHong

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