Plenty of water

Colorado qualifies as nearly a desert with only 10-12 inches of rain a year, so this is very different here!

When I wake up, I can see the ocean in front of me (less than 100m away). When I walk home from work, I walk along the coast the last block or two.

It is technically monsoon season now, so it rains part of nearly every day. So far, it hasn’t been bad walking as long as I have an umbrella. If I’m at home, I can hear the rain out my front and back windows.  When I hear voices of kids playing or people walking along the coastal path or down my street, I know it’s stopped again.


When I leave, I often leave my laundry hanging out since it usually takes a couple days to dry. It’s indoors inside my patio, but if I leave the sliding door open, about half the time the laundry is wetter than when I left it due to rain that comes through the screen!

It’s even tricky to know if the clothes are actually dry. The humidity is so high here that everything feels a little damp!

My shower and bathroom are all one in the same. So after a shower, everything in there is wet for about a day! Thus, it’s almost always wet. It’s not a bad system. It’s only when I’m wearing socks in my room and the bathroom flip-flops are wet that I end up with wet socks! I need one more pair of slippers for that case, I guess. But also, if I forget to turn the sink control from shower to sink, when I turn on the bathroom faucet, the shower sprays! oops!

In my kitchen sink, there is high pressure and an old nozzle. Result is fine spray in various unpredictable directions if I turn it on too high!

I’m figuring it all out little by little. And mostly thankful that I have plenty of water for drinking, showers and enjoying every day!

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