Korean listening practice …television dramas

Even though I’m living in Korea, most of my day is filled with English language, not Korean. I pick up bits of phrases like: Write, Listen, Speak, Draw, etc from my students, but very little.

So, when I get home I try to watch one hour of Korean television. Last year in Busan, I didn’t watch TV, but I watch it ‘religiously’. It’s taken me some time to get over my aversion to TV as a complete waste of time, so I now see it as really useful.

There’s really nothing like Korean dramas on American TV …at least that I know of.

The shows I’m watching now “Best Love” and other random shows don’t have subtitles. For the most part, I can understand what’s going on. If it’s important to know, I can google a summary of that episode. So far, I haven’t cared that much!

After listening to my students’ accents, hearing some presentations, and from my own experience, I have a healthy respect for learning a language first from watching and listening. In addition, we can use grammar to boost our skills but the melody and rhythm of language are really important for communication.

I also watch channels that have subtitles in Korean and try to keep up reading it as fast as they speak it. I can’t yet!

Learning more grammar and vocab in a structured way would be helpful too and I have some self-study tools for doing that. But I haven’t found a Korean language class that fits my schedule, but I’m looking!

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