Sunday Afternoon at the Swimming Hole

In addition to the beach…(which sounds very greedy!)there’s a wonderul spot just in front of my apartment building. It’s a combination harbor, washing area and swimming hole.
On Friday night after work and food, we swam there at midnight. The cool fresh water from the small mountain (called an Orem) meets the sea here, so it feels very refreshing.Late at night, people stop by and wade around or stick their toes in. From early in the morning to the early evening, kids and parents splash around. Squirt guns, inner tubes, shivering kids, lifejackets, moms sitting together in the shade, and bicycles leaning on the wall.

In the morning on Sunday, the tide was in so it was deep enough for a dad and his two sons to dive into the water. Later that day, there was no water at all at that spot! Timing! The cool thing is that since the water changes levels so drastically all day long, it’s like water world with different activities depending on the time of the day (kinda!)

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