Finding K-Pop Songs to Learn

There’s a lot more to language learning than individual words and grammar. The rhythm and melody of each language conveys a lot of the meaning. And the best way to get that down is to do a lot of listening. What better way than to find some songs you like and learn them? And be able to sing them with friends at the Noraebang (singing room)!

Last year I tried a couple times, but failed! We made progress on a couple songs only to find out that they were not available at the noraebangs. Other songs I tried were too fast or the vocabulary was too esoteric to understand!

So, I’m on a mission to find songs that are:

– in the noraebang (popular!)

– slow enough or lots of repetition — better for a beginner to learn

– common vocabulary and expressions

K-Pop first brings to mind boy or girl groups and electronic dance music, but there’s a lot more out there. Korea’s a big country so obviously, there are a lot of styles and personalities to explore …including some male and female ballad singers, jazz, rap, etc. You’ll see some of the same bands on the top of most lists: BoA, Big Bang, Wondergirls, 2NE1, 2PM, T-ara, Girls Generation, CNBlue and MissA:

Here are a couple sites that have some suggestions.

1. My Daily Dose of K-Pop

– this is a good intro with videos of one person’s favorite k-pop songs

2. The Grand Narrative – K-Pop songs with translations, videos with English subtitles, and grammar and culture commentary. Fun site to explore! James Turnbull, with help from his Korean wife, presents a fun, insightful analysis of several songs:

3. Korean Through Lyrics


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