Love in the Milky Way Cafe

My students recommended this song for me to learn. In fact, I signed a contract. I have to learn two Korean songs by September 1, or I think I have to go to prison, but first throw them a pizza party. My students (just two in this class), agreed to learn four English songs or buy me pizza. (I don’t want to talk about my poor negotiating skils!)

This song is a big change from k-pop songs and anything else I’ve heard here.

I like a lot of things about it: they’re playing a djembe drum with the adinkra symbol that I have hanging in my apartment (art done by a young kid in Ghana), their sound is reminiscent of sounds I grew up with of my dad’s singing and harmonica, and my brother’s bands.

And the lyrics are light and engaging, easy enough to understand with some poetic imagery to make it bigger and fun. Oh, I’m not a big fan of analyzing music. If you have a few minutes, just listen to it!

Lyrics are translated into English here

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