Typhoon Muifa passes by

Having been raised in a mountain desert, I have no clue for what to do during a typhoon.

Local wisdom is …stay home! If the windows rattle too much, tape them to prevent them from breaking.

On Sunday, August 7th, Typhoon Mufia passed near Jeju. With heavy rains starting early in the morning and continuing until after 11 pm, there wasn’t much to do that day.

The rains and wind were so heavy, it made it seem silly to make that trip to empty the compost just outside our building. So, I didn’t until midnight.

“Living at the beach’ seems a lot less desirable on a day like this. When the wind and rain get going, you have to wonder if this is your last day on the planet. And if it is, should I be doing something more important than learning a Korean song, and taking another nap?Meh, can’t think of anything!

Several students said their homes had pretty severe water damage and flooding. (I didn’t understand at first, because in Korean there’s no ‘f’ sound so it’s tai-poon mui-pa).

Typhoon Muifa did cause a lot of damage in Asia as a whole, and 22 deaths in China.

At times like this, you do notice that you’re alive and that’s not guaranteed to be the case every day!


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