What did you do on your summer vacation?

On his 40-day summer vacation, one 11-year old boy attends classes various days throughout the week at Chinese Academy (beginning at 8 am), Science Academy, Flute and Abacus classes (summer school at his regular school), English class at our academy, and a special class studying for a Math competition.

An 11-year old girl has a similar schedule with flute, calligraphy, Math Academy, English role play, English at our academy, then a private tutor at home who teaches Math, English and Science.

In addition to these classes, students have ‘vacation homework’. The boy said he had to read 50 novels (in Korean); the girl had to read 20 novels. There is other homework in addition to that.

We are expected to assign 30 minutes of homework at the end of class and check it at the beginning of the next class. When they beg me, “Teacher, little homework please!,” it’s a lot more convincing than when I was a kid and begged my teacher for the same thing.

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